Very good value for money: zinc gutters

The majority of zinc-guttered products today are titanium zinc. This alloy with low proportions of titanium and copper enhances the desired properties of gutters and is one of the most cost-effective metal solutions for roof drainage.

Improvement through alloying

The roof gutter sheet, which is usually 0.7 mm thick, is widely used as a building material for roof drainage systems, as it guarantees a very durable construction solution for moderate prices. Titanium zinc is awarded a technical durability of 75 years.

While galvanized steel is often chosen for accessories and downpipes, almost all gutters are made of pure titanium zinc. The unalloyed zinc is more susceptible to breakage and cracking and can compensate for temperature differences less well.

Price margins and standard

The average price for the running meters of titanium zinc gutter corresponds to the price of unalloyed zinc and is ten euros.

Titanium zinc gutters are mass-produced and can be offered in individual cases for seven euros or less per meter.

The pre-weathered titanium gutters are significantly more expensive and are in the price range of copper. As a target price, you can calculate with 15 euros per meter running.

Zinc gutters are standardized in Germany according to the former DIN 18461 manufactured. Therefore, all accessories also fit from other sources of supply to each other.

Price examples

  • At, semi-circular zinc gutters in different sizes are available for around seven euros per meter. D The has a wide selection of sizes and container sizes from ten euros per meter available.
  • At a 333-Titanzink gutter for 18.99 euros for the three-meter piece is offered.
  • Under, a commercial wholesaler offers plumbing and private customers zinc gutters from around ten euros per meter.
  • Tips & TricksMany providers on the Internet separate accessories including the downpipes from the gutters. By means of DIN 18461 you can combine products of different purchasing sources.
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