A wall-to-wall washbasin with or without a wall connection

Interior design is attractive. Masonry washbasins can be used. Often the washbasin and surrounding walls are directly connected. Interesting design options result from temporary tiling. Walls is a medium to long-term craft, which is why forward-looking planning is important.

Individual room adaptation

The wall of a washbasin is not only a visually appealing option, but above all, it can make good use of individual building conditions. Especially in small bathrooms, the space is optimally utilized by dimensionally accurate walls. In niches or corners, no space is given away by prefabricated designs that are not exactly to scale.

For the walls, the surrounding wall masonry does not necessarily have to be connected to the washbasin. However, continuous and masonry continuing constructions are usually desirable for aesthetic reasons. For example, tiles or clinker can be well combined or continued on the surrounding walls and the vanity.

Open concrete and stone look

In modern, sober and objective interior design, a concrete, stone or cement decoration is often a specific wish. For this style, self-made concrete slabs allow ideal topping of masonry.

The self-construction of a vanity unit reduces in masonry variants on a veneer of the front. The masonry carries door hinges or hinged hinges. The accessibility of all technical connections must be considered. A wall on the front with reduced openings is not recommended.

Aids must be waterproof

Concrete, food, mortar and cement are porous building materials. In different compositions, the mixes develop different properties that are not all suitable for a vanity. Suitable materials are mixing ratios that lead to the lowest possible porosity and have the highest possible resistance to moisture, moisture and heat.

Connections must not be walled in and should always be free. When the dimensions are determined, generous tolerances must be provided when walling functional components. The self-build a washbasin with masonry is later corrected only consuming. Therefore, future developments such as changes or growth of users and leasing or sales intentions should also be considered.

The future changes may include, for example, the subsequent connection of a washing machine to the washbasin. Corresponding cable channels should already be prepared.

Tips & TricksWhen planning your "masonry", be careful not to create nests for waterlogging. If necessary, check with a professional mason for causes of efflorescence.
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