A wind turbine for a single-family home

In times of rising energy prices, alternative energies are becoming increasingly important due to their efficiency and environmental friendliness. In this article, you will learn what you should consider in a wind turbine for your family home and what benefits it offers.

Why a wind turbine? Das The green conscience and the associated social responsibility is also a decisive reason for many owners of a single-family home to choose a wind turbine. You could hardly signal to your fellow human beings that you value sustainable energy production.

The disadvantages: dependence and strict regulations

As strong as the arguments for a private wind turbine are, there are also disadvantages such as the dependence on the wind. If there is little or no wind, the joy vanishes quickly. Add to that the rules of your community: While private wind turbines are not allowed in some places, there are restrictions in size and performance in the other regions.

Low acquisition costs

If you opt for a wind turbine, the investment is generally not as high as for other systems, such as a photovoltaic system. Despite price differences, prices from 3000 euros are usual, varying with the performance and quality.

If you live in a favorable area for wind turbines, this price is often retracted quickly.
Which services are usual?

Normal small-scale power plants for single-family homes average about 5 kW. Despite state support and a current fee of 9.1 cents per kW sold, it is strongly recommended to use the electricity yourself. In this way, you save the most electricity, because you save a large part of the expensive mains current.

As you can see, wind turbines for your single-family home offer a lot of advantages and can make a significant contribution to boosting the efficiency of your home. However, they are heavily dependent on the climatic conditions of your environment and get in some areas no planning permission.

Tips & TricksSpecify quality when choosing your private wind turbine. More expensive and higher quality models not only achieve a longer life than cheap variants, but also ensure better smoothness and accuracy.

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