A window film does not last

It always happens that we get questions about guides and products. So too to window films. One of the most common questions then is that the window film does not last. Mostly the problem is solved quickly. To make it easier for you, we have compiled below information on what you can do if a window film does not last.

Not every window film wants to stick to the first assembly attempt

Window films are in vogue, and in principle for decades. This can often be privacy films such as frosted glass or decorative films. But if you want to attach the acquired window film, it always happens that this holds first. Leaving the room and coming back only a short time later, it may be that the painstakingly attached foil is suddenly rolled up again.

Which type of window film does not adhere?

To determine where the problem is that the window film does not hold, it must first be clarified which type of window film is concerned. Here are two fundamentally different products:

  • the self-adhesive window film
  • the static window film

The self-adhesive window film does not hold

The self-adhesive window film is conventionally mounted so that the glass surface is sprayed in advance with water. However, these window films do not necessarily have to be wet. You can also glue self-adhesive window foils dry.

If the film does not last, it can have several causes. Either you did not clean the glass accurately or it is not pure water that you sprayed on when mounting the film. Because not infrequently, the glass surfaces are not visibly contaminated with fat or nicotine. Dust can also rest on the window surface and increase the problem.

Always wipe the glass surface with a glass cleaner in advance

Therefore, the glass surface is cleaned with a commercially available glass cleaner. Thoroughly clean the window even in the corners. It may still be dirt from insects or other particles. These can be removed with a scraper, as used for glass ceramic panels.

Afterwards, the disc must be thoroughly rinsed with clear water. Since you will have to dry the window anyway, it may be that the glass surface can dry in the air. This will ensure that any alcohol in the cleaner evaporates.

If glass cleaner or another chemical cleaning agent is still on the glass, it may also happen that the window film will not hold. In this context, keep in mind that glass cleaner is also used to remove a window film.

The static window film does not last

It is more common for a static window film to not last. Again, the window surface must be absolutely clean and free of grease. On smooth glass surfaces, the static window film often does not hold because the backside protective film is not peeled off.

It may even happen that the window foil including the carrier foil is so thin that a protective foil is excluded. Often it can not be recognized with the naked eye that these are two slides.

Static window films on structured glass

On a clearly structured (with numerous raised areas) glass surface, the static window film can also have difficulty getting enough surface to adhere. Adhesive films are often better suited here, but they are difficult to remove.

Tips & TricksFor the window film with both the attachment and the detachment works at any time, we also recommend high-quality brand products. The self-adhesive D-C-Fix window films are such a possibility. Here we show you how to attach a D-C-Fix window film.
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