A shaky and uneven billiard table can be repaired

Its robust construction protects a pool table against damage to the substructure, the frame and the gangs. To repair are usually the felt, the holes in the pool or billiards table, screwed connections or the joints between individual game boards. A repair should always be made by two people.

Limits of repair ability

In the case of damage to the playing surface, it must first be determined beyond doubt whether it is a plate defect or decomposed joint fillings. Fractures, cracks and / or holes in the slate force an exchange. A repair by filling and grinding the damaged areas can serve only as a temporary.

A dirty or damaged felt cloth can be repaired by re-fitting the pool table. But enough for most billiard tables the lifting of the band mirror. A complete or further disassembly of the pool table is not required.

Spare parts and accessories

Dealers offer a whole range of spare parts and accessories for repair. Classic aids that can also be used to improve and restore an old table are:

  • Connecting screws
  • Pockets
  • Perforated nets
  • Band rails
  • Tape rubber
  • Felt cloth
  • Band markings (diamonds)
  • Metal fittings for outer band edges and corners
  • Adjustable feet for the table legs

For the repair of the band strips and the replacement and renewal of the belt rubbers the felt cloth of the table top need not be removed. The inner bands are covered with their own felt tracks.

Create a new adjustment possibility

The retrofitting of the table legs with adjustable feet can be carried out as a supplement during a repair. In addition to the adjustment screws located under the plate or in the bands, the feet allow an extended option to align the pool table. This solution can bridge worn or stiff adjustment screws and threads.

While the band mirror can be removed like a frame or in parts from the back plate and base after screw loosening, band strips are often glued. By heating the groove with a hair dryer, the inserted profiles or wooden dowels can be loosened.

Tips & TricksWith each disassembly step, pay attention to the existing types of fastening and fixings. The repair is always a recapitulation of disassembly in the opposite direction. As an aid, you can take photos after every single step, which you can use as a "guide" when fixing.
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