A wooden entrance door canopy protects the house

At the latest, if you have to wait outside the front door in the rain or in strong winds, remember to buy a canopy for the front door. There are many possibilities for this wind and weather protection, wood is a cheap alternative.

Wide choice

Wooden, stainless steel with Plexiglas or laminated glass, aluminum or even copper roofs are available. While the wood and plastic canopies are reasonably priced, the price for a solid metal roof can be a bit higher.

Although the low-cost alternative wood requires a certain amount of care, with a wooden roof a variety of roof shapes are possible. You can choose between saddle, hammock, console or tonneau roof. The roofs are offered with different roof pitches.

Covering with sheet metal or bitumen shingles is a simple solution, wood can also be covered with real roof tiles, thus creating a special look. Additional support and safety are provided by screw-on supports with side posts. Rain drainage channels ensure proper drainage.

The natural material wood

  • is durable
  • provides stability
  • creates an attractive appearance
  • requires regular care

The quality and material determine the price

Cheap canopies for the front door are already 99, -. DIY kits in high quality are available from 250, - Euro. Custom-made products are correspondingly more expensive. Added to this is the cover material.

  • vorach.holzkomplett.de has canopies for the front door made of wood in the kit on offer. -Holz-haus.de has wooden roofs in different shapes in the assortment.
  • At vordach-shop.de prices are available on request.
  • Tips & TricksA wooden front door is a cost-effective variant for wind and weather protection. If you want to save money, get a complete kit, which is easy to install and usually already contains the mounting material.
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