A wooden house as an extension to an existing building

Wood was ideally suited as a building material to make an extension to an existing building. The range extends from the closing of a terrace and construction of a winter garden to the multi-storey extension of the living space. A wooden house cultivation is less expensive than an extension with stone and beautifies the appearance.

Quick Construction

When a family grows or the living space is expanded and improved for comfort, wooden construction is often the ideal solution. Even smaller attachments such as superior bay windows can cause major changes in the basic house. Cleverly placed, the living spaces can be decisively enlarged in two or three storeys with only two to three meters wide extension and a depth of one to two meters.

A major advantage of a timber house is the lower construction costs than for masonry. This results in a lower usage restriction, faster execution and usually also lower costs. The flexibility of wooden constructions can range from simple prefabricated construction to the integration of new building parts. Hanging attachments generate housing space even on higher floors and can, for example, be mounted on support beams.

Execution and scope

Since each house has its own individual shape and can be planted on different sides, depending on the location of the property and personal taste, some fundamental questions should be considered during planning:

  • We have pre-set the extension or integrated it in the masonry?
  • Does the extension have its own roofing or should it be integrated under the main roof?
  • Should a basement or cellar extension be made or is the wooden house placed on a floor slab?
  • Is only one insulation required or does the heating system have to be extended in the annex?
  • Do false ceilings have to be moved in for multi-storey extensions?
  • Is the installation of windows and doors planned and to what extent?

Costs and prices

The costs for the cultivation are very individual, because the constructions are unique. In general, the price calculation in the wooden house is built in three unit differences. Brutt The gross volume indicates the enclosed space in cubic meters

  • The gross floor area represents the total area including the trade
  • The effective areas describe the actually gained living space
  • Tips & TricksThe rule of thumb is that you can pay one third of the cubic meter (eg 500 Euro) for the volume Compared to the square meters floor area (1500 euros) count. The price difference between floor space and floor space (2000 euros) is approximately the price of the room contents (500 euros) per square meter.
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