A wooden shingle façade is pure nature

In addition to its visual attractiveness, a wooden shingle façade is an ecologically valuable and durable wall cladding. When choosing the right wood, weather and water resistance are guaranteed. The type of production also determines durability and longevity.

Three types of shingles

The shingles for a wooden shingle façade are produced in three different ways.

  • shingles
  • saw shingles
  • shingles

Sheaves and saw shanks are connected, which damage the wood fibers during the manufacturing process. This makes them less durable and only suitable for a wooden shingle façade that is less stressed. On walls facing away from the weather or in courtyards, they are often used as a creative design element.

A wooden shingle façade made of split shingles is the most durable variant. Experienced Schindler beat the shingles out of wooden blocks, without damaging the natural grain of the fibers. They pay attention to quality features such as the growth and freedom from branching.

Suitable trees

In the past, mainly local trees were used for the wooden shingle façade. Today, availability is increased through international trade and transport. The durability of woody plants without impregnation varies between 15 and over seventy years.

  • spruce and fir will last fifty to eighty years
  • larch and beech will last for over a hundred years
  • red cedar will last around a hundred years
  • yellow cedar will last eighty to a hundred years
  • oak will last around fifty years
  • giant curb will last up to a hundred years
  • Alaskan cedar can over a hundred Keep years

For coniferous trees, only tree species with growth turned to the left should be used, which the Schindler takes into account when selecting. The durability of a wooden shingle façade is increased by a ventilated installation. The shingles are nailed to a slatted scaffold and can dry out on both sides.

Tips & TricksA wooden shingle facade lasts much longer than a roof covered with wooden shingles. Normally, you can do without any chemical impregnation of your wooden shingle façade.
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