A wool rug fuzzes and that's fine

Knotted wool rugs always lint. This is partly due to the processing while knotting and on the other hand to the wool itself. Contrary to the assumption that removal will cause the wool carpet to lint less, leaving the lint is the more promising way. In addition, proper care can help.

Real wool carpets need to lint

Anyone who gets a wool rug should not have or develop too much sensitivity to lint. Especially with thick fluffy Berber carpets lifelong lint is inevitable. Something similar is also somewhat limited for floats and shaggy rugs. Other Oriental rugs with short flores initially lint, but that settles relatively soon.

In the course of use, the wool carpet is repeatedly durchgewalkt, which causes the solidification of lint and fluff. They press into the carpet structure and compact the pile. The more uniformly the wool rug is made, the more complete is the lint and lint. A small amount of lint and lint will always persist. Nicht Do not vacuum or brush off lint

Anyone who feels disturbed by the lint and lint will soon get the idea to remove them by sucking or brushing. The material character and carpet structure, however, ensures the opposite effect. Due to the mechanical "pulling and tugging" of the fibers more and more lint and lint are released. In extreme cases, this can lead to destabilization and damage to the carpet.

All mechanical cleaning and care effects such as suction, tapping and brushing do not help against linting. They should therefore only be used to remove other "real" debris. Theoretically, rolling the wool carpet against the lint would be more helpful, but it will not adequately replace natural walking.

A slightly disconcerting way to survive the strongest initial lint is to cover the new carpet with a thin, breathable cloth. It keeps the lint and lint from spreading everywhere and the rug can still be done. After several weeks of use, the wool carpet has been through-worked enough and the lint has been reduced to the unavoidable standard.

Tips & Tricks Change the position of your wool carpet more often, so that it is rolled as large as possible. Perhaps it makes sense in the first few weeks to place him in a livelier place than his actual destination.

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