Abachi wood - light and insulating

Abachi wood has become increasingly important in recent years in areas where lightweight and weight-saving constructions are most important. In addition, Abachi wood has some more interesting properties. What these are, and what else you should know about Abachi, you will learn in this post.

Technical values ​​

Measured value descriptionValue
Density0.35 - 0.49 g / cm³
Average volume densityapprox. 570 kg / m³ (fresh)
Compressive strength30 - 52 N / mm²
Bending strength51 - 72 N / mm²

Other names and DIN designation

Nails and screws hold only poorly in the soft wood because of its structure and low density. In most cases, you will need to take appropriate measures to keep screws secure and nails to break loose.
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