The costs of sanding a plank floor mainly depend on three factors: the square footage, the overall condition and the hardness of the wood.

In the case of a large-area floor, a higher number of hours can be expected for sanding the plank flooring, as well as for a hard wood species such as oak. For softer floors, the surface can be removed faster.

Of course, if the floor is only scratched superficially, less work is done than if deep quirks deface the planks. Overall, sanding a plank flooring is a time-consuming job with multiple passes, averaged at $ 25 per square meter.

The cost of sanding the plank flooring is compounded by a variety of material costs - and the new seal: A high-quality floor wax or oil protects the wood from new damage and highlights the grain visually appealing.

Concrete costs, for example: sanding and sealing the board floor

A homeowner has a 30 sqm living room with a beautiful, old plank floor. Unfortunately, the beech wood is already very scratched, but the scratches are only relatively superficial.

For 22 euros per square meter, a craft company wants to sand the plank floor. Added to this are the costs for the material used and for sealing with wax.

Price overview


Grinding22 EUR per square meter
Sealing and polishing8 EUR per square meter
Sealing material5 EUR per square meter
Sandpaper80 EUR
Polishing felt40 EUR
for 30 square meters: 1170 EURPrice

Tips & TricksSome sealing materials do not need to be polished, others can also be worked by hand. Inquire!

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Save costs : Floor planking after sanding yourselfIf you do not dare to sand the expensive plank floor yourself, you can save money with the handwritten re-sealing: In the above case, that would be 240 euros - but less the rental fee for a polishing machine.