Accessibility determines prices of gutter cleaning

The challenge of having to clean the gutter is, in the majority of cases, the expense of operating the parts. In some cases, cranes or scaffolding are indispensable and some providers rappel with alpine technology.

Scaffolding and lifting platforms

Everyday single-family homes have gutters that hang over the eaves at a height of more than twelve meters and can not be reached with ordinary ladders. Rarely can the pollution of roof windows or hatches be achieved.

The construction of a scaffold, which is usually not worthwhile for the exclusive cleaning of the gutter, is very complicated and expensive. However, it should be considered in principle, if a scaffold is mounted for other structural reasons, also to do the gutter cleaning with. Fahrzeuge Vehicles with hydraulically extendable floating baskets, which are mounted on loading platforms or placed as trailers on site, are more frequently used. Specialized craftsmen and cleaning companies have an extensive selection of leaders in large sizes, which are up to eight meters long. Ab Alpine abseiling technology

The roof gutter cleaning is spreading more and more from the roof. The cleaners secure themselves with cable systems similar to mountaineering or freeclimbing. The form of access from above allows very favorable offers of working prices, which are usually advertised per meter.

In addition to the gutter channels, the processes must be cleaned individually. This particular effort is calculated by most providers extra and each piece. In the winter season, special cleaning such as the breaking off of icicles or the artificial triggering of roof avalanches by means of rope technology are possible.

Price examples

Under a specialized company from the Ruhr area offers gutter cleaning for 2.32 euros per meter. For a gutter box, a flat rate of 5.80 euros will be charged. Waste removal is included. D The from Berlin offers a calculator that gives you the total offer price after entering the individual measurements. For a gutter length of twenty meters and the working height over ten meters will be 65.34 due.

The competitor offers the package price of 2.38 euros per meter running, including the drainage devices.

  • Tips & TricksPossibly you have in your circle of acquaintances or among the neighbors a climber or Freeclimber, who likes to do the gutter cleaning.
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