According to personal taste: Mix wall paint

Not everyone dares to mix their own wall paint. To turn a large bucket of paint specifically with tinting in your own desired color, this certainly requires some patience and a lot of color sensibility. Luckily, today many DIY stores offer a so-called color mixing service that makes things a lot easier. M Mix wall paint: how does it work?

Basically, it's absolutely easy to mix a nice wall color. First of all, you need a precise idea of ​​what the desired color should look like. Luckily you do not have to describe it out of your mind!

At the hardware store you will be presented with color charts with thousands of beautiful shades that will serve as a template. Choose the sound that suits you best - and the mixing machine will start.

The result is usually very exact due to the machine production. Do not be surprised if the liquid color looks a little different than you would imagine it will change in the course of the drying process.

What are the costs for mixing wall paint?

In general, you have to pay a surcharge for the mixing process, which is based on the amount of color. For most hardware stores, the minimum quantity starts with a 2.5-liter bucket, but you can also get a large 10-liter bucket ready.

It is best to ask for the respective costs directly from your DIY store, because they are not always the same. And if you are not sure whether your nearest dealer actually has a mixing machine, call shortly before your visit.

Alternative: Buy pre-mixed wall paints

However, in larger hardware stores and especially at specialty retailers, you will also get pre-mixed wall paints that may suit your taste. Of course, the choice is somewhat limited in this case, but it may be possible to save costs.

Tips & TricksSee a ready-mixed wall color that comes as close as possible to your ideas. Get the right tube tinting color and change it slightly until it fits.

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