Acrylic glass and other plastics in comparison

Acrylic glass is known as translucent and therefore glass-like plastic. However, there are other plastics with the same characteristics. That's why some do-it-yourselfers are wondering where the differences between acrylic glass and other plastics are.

Not only price differences between acrylic and other plastics

But there are also other important differences between the different plastics and acrylic glass. This concerns, for example, the permeability to water or gas (at the last point, thus also the air permeability) and the chemical behavior to organic and inorganic substances. You should also inform yourself about this in relation to your individual project.

PVC also differs from acrylic glass

In the case of polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, UV radiation is also a problem at first, but can be produced by a suitable coating. But there are temperature-related problems: PVC can only be used where it does not get warmer than 45 degrees Celsius, including individual short peak values ​​of up to 65 degrees. Since the contained plasticizers evaporate over time, the longevity is also limited accordingly.

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