Acrylic glass vs. Glass: The Differences

Acrylic glass is popular and above all represents a popular glass substitute. However, not a few do-it-yourselfers are wondering where in addition to the price further differences between glass and acrylic glass can be found. Is acrylic glass only a financial alternative or does it offer even more advantages? These questions regarding acrylic glass versus glass, we answer in the following guide for you.

acrylic glass, Plexiglas, PMMA - first differences?

Acrylic glass viewed in the long term

In addition, the ravages of time are also gnawing at window glass. The material becomes cloudy and milky. With the proper care of acrylic glass this comes loose on life of 30 years and more. Here, especially weather and UV resistance play the PMMA glass. Not to mention all the finishing and processing techniques that you can apply to acrylic glass. Whether you are polishing, grinding, sawing, bending or even casting and welding acrylic glass, cutting glass tiles is already causing huge problems with glass.

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