Acrylic paint and the price factors

Of course, for anyone who wants to buy acrylic paint, the price is important. There are clear differences here. However, they are not always easy to recognize, as there are acrylic paints even after completely different requirements. What should nevertheless be paid attention to the price of acrylic paints, we have summarized below for you.

Acrylic paint is not the same as acrylic paint

There are considerable differences in acrylic paints. In the past, they were primarily offered as artist's colors. But in the meantime, acrylic paints are also used in numerous other areas. Here are just a few examples of where and how to use acrylic paint:

  • of course as artists' paints
  • as children's paints
  • by painters and varnishers (wood, metal, glass, etc.)
  • acrylic paint as concrete paint
  • as wall paint
  • as mixed paint for white paints
  • as coloring pencils or Painter

So you see, the variety is enormous. Therefore, we can not call all the prices in detail here. However, we can certainly give information on the quality of acrylic paints.

Brand quality and low-price supplier of acrylic paints

For acrylic paints in the form of concrete paints or, in general, as wall paints, you should preferably use products from brand manufacturers. The price difference is not in the "name", as many people believe. There is quite a difference in the composition available depending on the manufacturer. The question should be why some no-name providers can offer so seemingly cheap.

Brand name companies literally add value

The answer is simple and at the same time explains why you should rely on brand quality: colors are a great deal tricky. Most expensive for the manufacturers are the color pigments, the cheapest fillers such as chalk. Cheap colors usually have a completely opposite ratio of fillers and color pigments. This explains why such cheap paints often only cover after the second or third pass or even undiluted.

Artist-grade acrylic paints differ by price

You can make a targeted distinction between acrylic paints for artists. Although there are no prescribed standards, different quality levels have been established. Thus one already distinguishes between conventional and artist quality. So artist quality already means a higher quality acrylic paint.

Established quality standards for artist acrylic paints

But there are even more quality differences. Thus, artist-quality acrylic paint is often subdivided into "hobby quality", "studio quality" and "finest quality". It is then not just the composition, so the proportion of color pigments that makes quality differences.

The pigments as a price driver

In addition, the ingredients can be even finer or higher quality pigments can be used. Depending on the color, it may even be that such acrylic paints have a higher price, the color pigments are generally very expensive - even for the manufacturers of acrylic paints.

If you buy cheap, you also buy acrylic paints twice.

Ultimately, in addition to the quality distinction but also for artist paints: only brand colors keep what they promise. Who buys cheap, usually buys twice and raises the price itself considerably.

Tips & TricksAcrylic paints you can also change yourself, so you can customize the colors to your requirements. You can mix acrylic paint. Among themselves, but also with additives and additives to adjust other properties. As with glycerine, for example, slower drying.

In addition, you can dilute acrylic paints, not just with water. Also with additional acrylic resin (acrylic binder) to get a pasty color. Acrylic paint is indeed very versatile. And high quality acrylic paints have their price.

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