Drawer systems

Especially for the kitchen area, there are sturdy wire drawers that are in no way inferior to the drawers of an expensive kitchen studio. The biggest advantage is that many of these systems are adaptable in width. So even beginners among DIY enthusiasts can retrofit cabinets with practical pull-outs and drawers in a short time. The only drawback is probably the price, which is unfortunately also high for these high-quality drawers. Auf Upgrading the wardrobe

If you want to install such drawers retrospectively in the wardrobe, you should pay attention to the height of the drawer. If possible, avoid installing drawers that are placed at a height above your own chin. You should still be able to look into a drawer, otherwise you will find even less than before. H In the wardrobe, hanging baskets or hanging drawers are often practical, which are simply attached to a shelf or screwed on. Some of these variants are already available for a few euros.

DIY made of wood

If, for example, drawers are to be retrospectively incorporated into a shelf, a self-made wooden construction is the solution. Use thin beech wood panels that you simply hang on the former shelves like a drawer box.

Rails for wooden drawers

If rails are to be used during retrofitting, then the drawer panel must be widened by the width of the rails. The advantage is that the drawer runs easily and can be equipped with a pull-out lock.

Adjustable drawer system

Hook-in drawer for shelf

Wooden self-made without rails

  • Wooden self-made with rails and panel
  • Tips & tricksFor kitchens and bedrooms, the adjustable drawers made of thick, sturdy metal wire are ideal. Here you can keep a good overview of the contents of the drawer. With wooden drawers you do not see the entire contents at first glance, so these drawers are perfect for formerly open shelves.
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