Add oil to the lift truck - how it works

A sufficient oil level is important for every pallet truck. You will find out in our article why you should regularly refill and replace hydraulic oil, and how to do it with individual pallet trucks and which maintenance work is still important.

Function of the hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil transfers the pressure from the hydraulic cylinder to the lifting cylinder on the pallet truck, which causes it to move. Hydraulic oil is not compressible and therefore passes the pressure from the pump directly to the lifting device.

If there is too little oil, insufficient pressure can be applied and the fork lift will not lift. It is also problematic if the hydraulic oil is dirty or interspersed with foreign bodies. Even then, it can no longer transfer the pressure correctly and completely.

Reasons for oil loss

There are only a few reasons why hydraulic oil is getting less. Therefore, it rarely needs to be refilled. The most common causes of oil loss are:

  • the lift truck goes into extreme inclines (inclined plane, tilting)
  • leaking piston seal (wear and tear)
  • ​​other system leaks, which also cause air to penetrate, which is then removed must be (this is how the bleeding is done)

Which oil?

In general, the oil that is already in the hydraulic system should always be topped up. This is usually either hydraulic oil HLP 46 or hydraulic oil HLP 32.

In general, you can assume that pallet trucks operating under normal ambient temperatures (no cold stores and no high-temperature areas) are lubricated with oil of viscosity 32 c. get along.

If you do not know the type of oil, be sure to consult the manual for the hand pallet truck, and if in doubt, replace all the oil and replace it with new one.

Where to refill oil?

In hand pallet trucks, the so-called "ant", the filler neck is usually located in the upper area of ​​the housing, which houses the hydraulic system. You can also read the oil level there using a sight glass.

If there is no sight glass, simply fill up to the bottom of the filler neck. Attention, pallet trucks require very little oil (usually not more than 0.3 liters)!

For other types of lift trucks, the filler neck can also be located elsewhere; for electric pallet trucks, always refer to the instruction manual for specific oil level inspection and refilling instructions.

Tips & TricksFor an oil change in the ant you just need to put the truck on its side and let the used oil run out completely. Then refill completely with new oil.
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