Cut the corners on styrofoam

Styrofoam is an ideal material to attach end profiles and stucco to the ceiling. To create shapely and straight miter cuts, a heated cutting tool and a simple miter box are the perfect tools. Cutting corners creates smooth and precise 45-degree angles.

Measuring angles and selecting tools

Styrofoam profiles are available in a large selection in hardware stores and craft shops. They can be easily attached as a piece of imitation. Depending on the course of the wall, corners of the ceiling trim come forward or backward. A precisely cut miter results in a jointless joint between the two overlapping profile ends. Gek Before the strips of polystyrene glued to the ceiling, the angles of the existing corners should be measured. Ideally, these are exact right angles. The miter box has the necessary cut notches for 45 degree cuts. If the corners deviate from the right angle, an angle fitting is needed. Winkel The angle yoke is a folding tool that consists of at least two metal wings. The curve is held in the corner and adjusted so that its wings run exactly parallel to the two surrounding walls. After fixing the position with a set screw, the Styrofoam bar or the profile is created. The insides of the Schmiege serve as a cutting aid.

How to cut corners in Styrofoam

Styrofoam profiled strips

Miter box

    • Possibly angle nesting
    • Cutter or wallpaper knife and / or
    • Foxtail with a thin saw blade and / or
    • U-bracket or jigsaw
    • Lighter or
    • Hair dryer
    • 1. Measure and mark
    • Measure the lengths always on the wall facing edge. Make sure that the profiles do not meet each other in the wrong direction. Mark the cut start point on the styrofoam on the wall facing side with a pencil point. A line is not necessary, since the approach is sufficient to automatically generate the preset angle in the miter box or with the angular nest.

2. Heating and cutting

Heat the blade and the blade of your cutting tool with a lighter or a hair dryer. Cut with light pressure and light saw movements. When the styrofoam begins to crumble, warm the tool again.

Tips & TricksYou can also produce clean rounds in Styrofoam with a heated tool.

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