Balcony annex on or in the attic floor

The balcony on flats and houses has such a high priority as hardly ever before. But at the same time high demands are placed on a balcony. Thus, the balcony annex on or in the attic not only creates a particularly exclusive ambience, it is also extremely popular. In this guide you will learn everything about the balcony annex or in the attic.

The balcony annex in the attic - what is it?

Nevertheless, the eaves-side roof balcony can hardly be surpassed by exclusivity and extraordinary charm. The roof loggia has a negative effect on the already limited roof area, but creates a roof balcony that not everyone can call their own, and therefore can hardly be surpassed in individuality and exclusivity. The cultivation of such a balcony on the roof (on the eaves side) also represents a huge increase in the value of the apartment or the house dar.
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