Bathroom renovation for the feel-good bath

Each bathroom has signs of wear over the years. Even with the best care, the tile joints gradually turn dark. The shiny tiles in the shower are covered with a matte layer of limestone and the white of the ceiling is as boring as the initial, inexpensive mirror cabinet with its worn mirror inserts.
A bathroom renovation is in progress and it should be combined with an improvement in bathroom standards at the same time. It is only possible if all technical equipment such as hot and cold water, drain pipes and electrical system are still fully functional. Small repairs will of course be done in the course of the renovation, major renovation work such as the elimination of moisture in the masonry would require a major refurbishment.
How do you make this bathroom renovation time-saving and cost-effective?

Step 1: Planning

Take stock and keep track of things that require more effort than painting and cleaning. These include z. As the renewal of the leaking overflow on the bathtub or the renewal of the silicone joints on the sanitary facilities.
Together with your family members, consider which furniture etc. you want to modify or install in the course of the renovation. For a long time, there has been a desire for the installation of a shelf with frosted glass shelves, in which you can keep the towels handy. Such work can be effectively linked to the renovation.

Step 2: The sequence of execution

Start with the mentioned work, which requires more effort and is associated with the cutting out of old silicone joints or the drilling of dowel holes. Bring the technology to fruition.
Following this, all painting work takes place. You can ease the subsequent cleaning by removing all removable things from your bathroom and masking windows, doors and tiles with a building foil.

Step 3: the final cleaning

When you have completed all the renovation and modernization work, the basic cleaning follows. Use well-tried home remedies. Worn joints should never be mixed with acetic or citric acid detergents. Rather stir in some baking soda in water and work the joints with this mixture and a toothbrush. Dull tiles become shiny again with a pot sponge and rinse aid for the dishwasher.
In a short time your bath is fit again.

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