Bitumen roofing ensures watertight roofs

Bitumen is a viscous and sticky product from the petroleum industry, which makes it a reliable and durable water-repellent product for a variety of applications. Dull paperboard is soaked in bitumen on both sides to produce the bitumen roofing board.

Flexible and elastic

Basically, two types of bituminous roofing board are distinguished. In addition to the simple bitumen there is the polymer bitumen, which receives special properties by admixtures. Polymer can affect elasticity, stability and expansion in heat.

Today's bitumen is produced in a process that prevents the formation of related tar, which is banned in public places due to its harmful effects on health. For private buildings tar is not yet banned, but no European products with tar are more in the trade.

Ingredients and Manufacturing

One crucial feature of bitumen roofing paper is the absence of an exact melting point. By heating, the bitumen melts increasingly and cures by cooling again. When cooled, its water-repellent effect is strongest.

The merging of overlapping bitumen roofing boards creates perfectly dense areas that can only loosen up when there is a lot of heat. Direct summer sunlight is not enough, but the bituminous roofing paper can develop a slight stickiness on the surface.

Forming the bottom edge

The different compositions and reinforcements of bitumen roofing board determine their processing suitability and the properties.

  • Bitumen roofing felt with glass fiber reinforcement up to two hundred grams per square meter are used as underlays and liners.
  • From two hundred to 250 grams of fiberglass per square meter are common for bitumen roofing board for the top layer.
  • Polymer and Plastomerbitumen Welds have a polyester fiber reinforcement that affects weight and workmanship.

Supplier and price range

  • and all other hardware stores carry bitumen roofing board for every purpose.
  • is a discount online retailer of bitumen products from liquid bitumen to bitumen roofing paper.
  • offers roll containers in square meters, which are precisely tailored to the roofs of garden sheds and tool sheds.

bituminous roofing board is offered at between three and thirty euros per square meter, with polymer railways and top-layer products being the most expensive. Bitumen roofing paper is laid in two layers in residential buildings and you should expect an average of 25 euros per square meter of material costs.

Tips & TricksWelding bitumen roofing is a demanding job that you should leave to professionals to ensure a reliable and durable result.
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