Building a garden wall

Building a garden wall can be done using different building techniques. The choice of material and the intended use of the wall decide about it. Below we will inform you about which techniques and materials are used in the construction of a garden wall.

Tasks of Garden Walls

Whatever wall you decide on, always bear in mind that all construction laws and regulations also apply in the middle of your garden - especially if you want to do everything yourself. In interior areas (localities) in particular development plans must be adhered to, but also for outdoor areas, there are in the municipalities, the respective state building code (LBO) and in the Federal Building Code (BauGB) rules, requirements and requirements to meet. This also includes energetic building, nature conservation measures, building in water conservation areas and many more points. If your garden wall is 2 m or higher, you must have a static safety calculation made by a specialist. Neighborhood law (in the BGB) and the rules for the respective boundary development apply along the property boundary.

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