Build a stainless steel fence from prefabricated parts yourself

One of the most ideal materials for building a fence yourself is stainless steel. Of course, the high quality material has its price, but must be taken into account that a proper fence assembly for lifetimes of twenty years and more is created. Many posts and fillings are available in the market.

Finished parts with fastening devices prevent pitting

A stainless steel fence can be very easily installed due to the large selection of posts and finished fillings. If the posts are stably embedded in foundations, the fence is almost indestructible. However, there is one detail that needs to be respected. Direct contact between concrete reinforcements and the stainless steel can cause contact corrosion, which can also damage the stainless steel components.

In order to counter the risk of alloy damage and the occurrence of pitting during construction, components should be prefabricated with prepared fixing points and in the appropriate dimensions. Any cutting, milling or drilling of stainless steel sheet involves the risk of pitting.

As homogeneous as possible welds

The pre-produced posts and fillings available in hardware stores and building material stores are completely protected against corrosion in the case of quality products. These include rods, struts and sheets as well as holes, eyelets and other prepared attachment points. Most of the components in immersion baths have been provided with corrosion protection completely in the same way. These include, for example, anodizing and burnishing.

If components and workpieces are joined by welding, care must be taken that the welds are "fused" to the respective workpiece and form a surface unit. If this is not the case, the welds must at least be smoothed and provided with corrosion protection.

High Alloy Required

Suitable stainless steel grades should only use posts and fillings made of stainless steel. Galvanized stainless steel must be made of a corrosion-resistant alloy, as scratches and damage to the surface of a stainless steel fence can not be avoided on the outside.

Tips & TricksConsider consistently high quality stainless steel accessories when mounting. Use only screws, nuts and washers classified as always stainless steel alloys.
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