Building an apartment building: the costs of body work

Building a multi-family house is a big project that has to be well planned financially. Since every house is different, the prices for the shell differ. The individual price factors in the overall calculation and the average values ​​for the costs per floor help you with the first price orientation.

How the costs are combined

Also think about the costs for the thermal insulation and the facade design. These two factors are really turning the price.

Guide values ​​per square meter of floor space

The most frequently used price indication for unfinished buildings refers to the square meter of floor space. Builders can choose between many different finishes, which can be roughly divided into "normal", "upscale" and "luxury".

For the shell of a simply designed apartment building without special extras you pay about 650 EUR per square meter of floor space - include in this cost estimate and the basement!

Up to the topping-out ceremony, you will have spent approximately 750 EUR per square meter of floor space for the upscale version of an apartment building. The luxury cottage is even more expensive, it costs you 800 euros per square meter or more.

Cost example: Building an apartment building with 750 square meters

A multi-family house of normal standard with 750 square meters of usable space is being built. On the roof there are 3 spacious "penthouse" loggias for the more demanding tenants.

Costs overviewPrice
1. Build a carcass500,000 EUR
2. 3 spacious roof loggias90,000 EUR
Total590,000 EUR

Even with touch - and save money

When building a home, there are numerous possibilities to reduce the costs of shell construction with self-employment. Sometimes friends and relatives help with it. Pay close attention to where you can bring yourself!

Tips & TricksConsult yourselves before the construction of your house exactly after all financial support possibilities.

Status: October 2014

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