Building permit for a garden house in Hesse

A small garden house does not need a building permit

A garden house of less than 30m² gross volume does not require a building permit. There are exceptions, it contains an integrated toilet or a lounge. Thus, you can designate as a summer house without planning permission actually only buildings that serve for the storage of gardening equipment and outdoor equipment, but not to stay and a cozy evening with garden are used. Even a fireplace may not be present in the license-free garden shed. Also, the distance to the garden neighbors should be respected and not be undershot. Hesse still has loose conditions here compared to other communities, but a garden house built too close to the neighboring property can quickly lead to annoyance. Above all, when the garden neighbor complains, the building department steps in and can demand the dismantling or the transfer of the garden shed.

Special Features of Associated Gardens

In addition to the building permit, other factors may be on the agenda for the construction of garden sheds in Hesse. In a garden you have to pay extra attention and not only to the building regulations of the country, but also to the special conditions of the association. Especially with larger garden sheds one should secure oneself before the purchase.

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