Buying paving stones from Poland

The low pay level allows the manufacturers of paving stones in Poland to offer very attractive prices both for material and for transport and craftsmanship. Many retailers in Germany purchase Polish paving stones.

Favorable geographic location

Poland has two advantages due to its geographical location. On the one hand there are a lot of natural stone deposits in the national territory, which are mined in quarries and on the other hand, the delivery routes in almost all German regions are economically appropriate. This leads to the price advantage you can get from Polish suppliers. Since the cobblestone industry in Poland has been active on the German market for years, groupage transport to several clients also reduces costs. Thanks to the internet, it is not difficult to locate the concrete plants, building materials distributors and quarries from Poland.

Natural paving stones from Poland

In Poland's quarries, all known types of rock used for paving stone are used. Particularly well-known are the Silesian mining areas, which mostly provide high quality granite. There are also many quarries in the western part of Poland, not far from the German border. An interesting overview is provided by the website, which introduces international quarries. On the general natural stone info page you find further information and sources of supply to Polish natural stone. Polish supplier with price examples:

  • Example: Granite plaster beige Fine grain for 119.25 Euro / ton

Concrete paving stones from Poland

You can also find price advantages for Polish manufacturers in the field of concrete products. The average savings compared to German-made products is around twenty percent on the total cost. In addition to specialist dealers, concrete plants in Poland also offer their products directly on the Internet:

  • building
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