Can the springs be re-tensioned on the sofa?

At some point, the best sofa empties, at least when it is used and much used. Sometimes not only is the pad eaten, but also the underlying springs have decreased greatly in their tension. In order to increase the seating comfort again, a kind of general overhaul would be necessary: ​​How does it work? Ent Soften the sofa first to get to the core

You may be lucky and you can reach the feathers from the bottom, but most likely it is not. Normally, you can not avoid completely upholstering the couch if you really want to do this project. And this is how it works:

remove the cover with a screwdriver for the clamps, and possibly a pair of pliers

  • pull the attachment nails with the nail breaker
  • possibly use a utility knife to work on glued areas
  • the springs appear under the upholstery
  • the Most modern sofas are lined with nosag wave springs, which are attached to a layer of felt. Look for the string threads that are there to tighten the individual springs and pull them tight again.

You may find wires between the waves, which you need to tighten vigorously to build up new tension in this way. Take a close look and test your options for tensioning the springs. Zusammen Put the couch back together - and sit down!

Of course, it's still time to assemble the demounted sofa, but that's not always easy. Maybe the upholstery or upholstery is now destroyed or these two items were not the best anyway.

So now you have the chance to hang up new foam and completely renew the cover. If you have understood well how everything was fixed, then you will surely find the "way back" easily.

As a fastener you should definitely have a stapler, strong glue and nails ready. A nail bar can be used to attach the cover visually appealing on the visible side.

Tips & TricksDo not tighten the cover too tight, because after all, he has to sit in the upholstery while sitting down. But watch out that there are no wrinkles anywhere!

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