Caring for wicker furniture - you can do that

Basically, wicker furniture is rather easy to clean. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to a few things, and some care measures will be necessary after a long period of use to keep the furniture nice for a longer time. What you should definitely do, read in our post.

Wicker furniture indoors

Inside, the wicker furniture is subject to only minimal stress, and with prudent care, it can also become very old. Even antique pieces still look good today thanks to good care.

The most important care measures are:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Protection against excessive sunlight
  • Moisturizing when the furniture starts to get dry

Regular cleaning

The removal of dust, dirt and grease should be as gentle as possible. Well suited for this are soft microfibre cloths that gently absorb dirt and grease.

If you want to clean more intensively, it is best to use mild soapy water. It removes deposits gently and very effectively. Auf To refresh the wicker furniture, you can also rub it briefly with salt, which you dissolve in a little water.

Protection against too much sunlight

Inside, there is little risk of bleaching due to excessive sunlight. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to the place of installation and the wicker furniture is best not directly in front of a conservatory window or in similar places.


In order to counteract the onset of desiccation (the wicker furniture will then become brittle and brittle), you can shower off the furniture at regular intervals.

Then gently dry with a soft cloth. You can repeat the treatment from time to time, but you should protect your wicker furniture from moisture.

Outdoor wicker furniture

A more comprehensive protection against the sun's rays and also against the weather is necessary here. Cover the wicker furniture with a protective cover when you are not using it and let it overwinter inside if possible.

For better protection, it is advisable to paint or at least once or twice a year care with a special oil.

Otherwise, you can also use the same care measures as for indoor use. They will only have to clean the wicker furniture a little more often if they are set up outside.

Tips & TricksYou can also use leather care to better protect wicker furniture. It works just as well as special care oils.

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