Carpet can be easily cleaned with shaving cream

In addition to its original application, shaving foam is an excellent cleaning agent for fibers made from natural materials and plastics. The special consistency of the intumescent content ideally penetrates into the carpet fibers without infiltrating them. The ingredients absorb different contaminants when exposed.

Versatile wonder drug

The cleansing variety of shaving cream ranges from removing water stains on the car seat or sofa, to using it as an oven spray, to general and targeted cleaning of carpets, carpets of all kinds and the removal of coffee stains and the foaming of carpet fringes.

In order to exclude any disturbing or visible effects, both optical and odoriferous, a color-free and odorless shaving cream is recommended. Many drugstore and grocery discounters usually sell the ideal products as a brandless low-priced commodity. Depending on your personal taste, you can of course also choose perfumed variants that can remove or cover any existing odors in the carpet or carpet.

Application method and exposure times

It is very easy to use shaving foam as a cleaning agent for carpets and rugs. It only needs to be sprayed evenly for surface cleaning or applied to the pollution in targeted stain control. It is lightly rubbed with a dry cotton cloth so that foamy streaks form on the fiber tips or the pile. Ein For a general surface cleaning, exposure times of about two hours are sufficient. For stubborn individual stains, it should be extended to 24 hours. After exposure, the foam should be brushed off with a soft bristled brush. Finally, the foam residues are removed by suction.

High or long-pile carpets

If the carpet is a long-pile or high-pile carpet such as a shaggy carpet or a flocette carpet, it is advisable to knead the shaving foam into the fibers. Ideally, the foam is rubbed into the carpet like shampoo in the hair.

Tips & TricksBefore you should run a test run at a hidden point of the carpet before the large-scale application of shaving cream. Treat the sample surface as you would like to treat the entire carpet later and check the result including the intended exposure time.

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