Ceranfeld Touch does not react - what can you do?

If the touch operation of a ceramic hob does not react, this is more than annoying. Which causes can be responsible for this and which measures often help with general operating problems can be found in this article.

Frequency of operating problems

Touch panels can often cause problems. This does not necessarily mean that they are defective, it is often the case with some device series that you have to take two (or more) attempts until the touch panel responds and performs the desired actions. In professional circles such a thing is also called like "acceptable series fluctuation".

Hint for use

You often hear the tip when a control panel is not responding properly or only every second or third press of a button instead of just using a bottle cork to operate. Some users of Touch-Ceranfeldern swear by it.

Cause of error

There are several possibilities for the causes of the fault:

  • it is a general weakness of the respective model
  • if hot pots or something else have damaged the control panel
  • capacitor defect


A defective capacitor is a comparatively minor problem; usually easily replaced by the technician. If touch fields are massively damaged (eg by hot pots placed on them), the repair can also be very expensive.

In any case, you have to reckon with the costs for the service technician for troubleshooting and diagnosis, plus the approach and the travel time. Even you are in most cases already over 100 EUR. Depending on the total cost and cause of damage, the repair can then easily cost several hundred euros, and actually no longer worthwhile.

No self-repairs

Even simple-seeming repairs, for which many "instructions" on the Internet circulate, should be performed as a layman in no case. Working with power equipment is life-threatening and requires a lot of experience, expertise and appropriate measuring equipment.

Tips & TricksWhen purchasing a ceramic hob with touch operation, make sure that the device has an adjustable key lock. Otherwise, it can happen that individual panels are accidentally turned on and possibly cause a massive fire.
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