Clean the mixer and keep it clean

A blender is not only impressive because of its ability to prepare delicious drinks and sauces in no time at all. Most models are very easy to clean and keep clean. Important is the timely cleaning after use. Occasionally, a more thorough cleaning can be done using the motor.

Usually simple rinsing

Almost all mixers are designed in such a way that the mixing bowl and the base with the technology are two completely separate components. The vessel can be separated from the engine coupling into which it is inserted by simply pulling it out. The container has a cutting knife, which is removable depending on the model and design by peeling or is firmly anchored.

The nature of the stirring movement of the mixer can be used in addition to the preparation also ideal as a cleaning aid. In most cases, however, simple cleaning of the removed container is sufficient as standard cleaning. It is kept under hot water and filled several times, rotated and poured.

Speed ​​is the key

To keep a mixer clean and hygienic with minimum effort, it is sufficient to rinse immediately after use. Most mixed ingredients are very watery and can be rinsed well with hot water. If fibers of fruit or vegetables are left on the bottom of the jar and / or the cutting knives, cleaning with the help of the motor is recommended.

Half of the blender jar is filled with hot, non-boiling water. Several drops of conventional detergent produce a potent cleaning solution. The container is put on and run for two to three minutes as in the regular mixing operation. After subsequent removal and dumping, all buildup and fiber remnants should have disappeared.

Remove bacteria and odors

Mixers can have glass or plastic containers. Both can be used for more thorough cleaning, such as every four weeks, lemon juice or lemon concentrate. For dried and stubborn soiling, soaking for several hours is the best solution.

In order to neutralize odors such as spices such as garlic, some pieces of lemon peel can be mixed. If they are completely crushed, the smell has disappeared.

Tips & Tricks Do not use vinegar products for cleaning plastic containers. If you notice any deposits or filming on the inside walls of your blender jar, wipe the surfaces with a cloth dipped in lemon concentrate.
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