Clean rattan furniture - this is how it works best

Even rattan furniture needs a minimum of care and of course also has to be cleaned regularly. How to clean up and what to look for, read our article.

Cleaning of rattan furniture

It is generally sufficient to wipe rattan furniture indoors occasionally with a damp cloth. If you use warm soapy water, this is usually sufficient as a cleaning. Do not work too wet, otherwise the rattan may swell and be damaged. Always allow the furniture to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

You will probably need to clean more often with rattan furniture that you use outdoors (such as in the garden or on the patio). Again, warm soapy water is the best way to cleanse. The warm water thoroughly removes dirt, grease and dust deposits without harming the rattan.

You should not use other detergents. Rattan is a (mostly untreated) natural material and, as such, also sensitive to all harsh or aggressive cleaning products.

Dry cleaning

You can easily remove crumbs, loose dust and other coarse dirt with the vacuum cleaner. It is best to use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Mikrof Microfiber cloths are also well suited for dry cleaning. You can also use a soft broom or a very soft brush.

Nursing gelegentlich Rafting rattan furniture occasionally with salt water can revive faded furniture. In addition, you can also use special care oils with coloring pigments - these oils also help to make your rattan furniture shine in a completely new light.

Cleaning as a care

Regular cleaning also helps to moisten the rattan again and again. This is important because excessive sun exposure can cause the rattan to dry out and become brittle and brittle afterwards. Regular wet cleaning helps to slow down this process very clearly.

Tips & TricksOutside you should definitely take care to protect the furniture from excessive sunlight and dirt - such as with the appropriate protective hoods that you pull over it when you do not use the furniture. Protection against frost and snow is also important as both can add to wicker furniture. For this reason, it is best to keep your rattan furniture always in the house and not outdoors.

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