Cooking rice in the microwave - this is how it is

Rice is a common supplement in this country and has become almost another staple food in view of the many Chinese recipes that are becoming increasingly popular. The question remains, if you can not prepare rice in the microwave in a time-saving manner, and if it works faster than on the stove. That tells you this post.

Time savings

Let's start by saying: The preparation time in the microwave is not much shorter than in the pot on the stove, sometimes even a little longer. The advantage is that the rice always succeeds safely in the microwave, and above all, it can not burn.

Generally, the preparation time for a medium-sized portion of rice is around 17 minutes (at 600 W power). However, it may be slightly prolonged or shortened depending on certain factors. The decisive factors are:

  • the amount of rice
  • the wattage of the appliance used
  • the dishes used
  • the type of rice used

preparation - step by step

  • rice
  • water
  • salt, if desired
  • microwave suitable bowl (the bigger, the better)
  • 1 Cup

1. Preparation

You can cook water and rice in a certain ratio. Then there is no water left. You save yourself the strain. For conventional rice, the ratio is 2: 1. Fill a cup with rice and place in the bowl. From the same cup, add 2 cups of water to the bowl. If desired add around a level teaspoon of salt (Asian rice varieties are always cooked without salt).

2. Cooking

Set the appliance to 17 minutes at 600 watts of power. In between, always stir again (on the stove in the pot you must not). After the cooking time has ended, all the water must have been absorbed by the rice. Otherwise continue cooking until no more water is visible. Steam rice for about 5 minutes and serve.

Tips & TricksThe preparation is even easier in a rice cooker. The small, practical appliance cooks the rice by itself and keeps it warm for hours afterwards. In addition to rice, you can cook all sorts of other things slowly in the rice cooker - from vegetable soup to omelette and cheesecake. An acquisition can be well worth it.
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