Cork as a floor covering provides warmth and tranquility

Cork is used as an insulating material, used for bottle caps and laid as a floor covering. The breathable tree bark is elastic, poorly flammable and has a very low thermal conductivity, which explains its use as an insulating material. There are both solid cork slabs as flooring and products made from cork granules.

Solid cork and cork granules

The so-called cork mosaic is offered as a solid cork floor covering, where original peeled cork pieces are applied to a carrier layer of cork granules. As an alternative variant, a cork wear layer is adhered to a carrier plate, often made of pressboard or soft coniferous trees. Below the support plate another, made of pressed cork granules, cork layer is glued.

Cork granules are usually obtained from the remains of the bottle cork production. The residues are ground into granules and pressed with binders enriched to cork blocks. While resins on polyurethane are considered harmless to health, resins based on phenol are controversial. All cork surfaces can be painted and this significantly increases the abrasion resistance. Uncoloured cork flooring can also be oiled and waxed.

Tiles, parquet and roll cork

The two classic types of cork flooring are the cork tiles and the cork parquet. Cork tiles are glued and can be completely pressed only from granules or veneered products with granules carrier layer. The cork parquet is also available in different versions with click technology, as pre-sealed prefinished parquet with click technology or with veneer.

If cork is used as an insulating material for a wooden floor covering such as parquet, granulated roller cork is used. It is inexpensive and can be easily cropped and adjusted. In addition to the full-surface display of a cork layer and individually set small cork cubes can reduce the impact sound.

Quality seals and guarantees

In order to ensure quality assurance for cork floor coverings, the German Cork Association has awarded the "The Cork Logo" seal a uniform quality standard. This seal is particularly important with regard to the adhesives, paints and binders used.

Warranties and guarantees vary widely among manufacturers of cork flooring. While some vendors offer a six-month non-warranty warranty, other vendors warranties for up to 15 years. Check the general terms and conditions of sale before purchasing.

Tips & TricksOiled cork can quickly soil as a floor covering. The use of such flooring is not recommended in areas with street shooting.
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