Costs for the screed floor

The costs for installing a screed depend on the type of screed used, the necessary substructures and additional work, the layer thickness and the construction method of the screed. For example, compound screeds are almost always much cheaper than floating screeds, but may not be used in living spaces, but only in utility rooms. Depending on the load, the layer thickness must also be selected accordingly. If the screed is later used as a floor covering, cement screeds often involve multiple sanding operations and sealing - these costs must also be taken into account, but in such cases the costs for a floor covering are eliminated. Ein Obtaining offers for planning

It is therefore not really possible to name fixed prices - depending on the particular building and the type of screed, the fluctuation range is far too high. A corresponding comparison can only be made on the basis of specific offers. The services of different companies should also be compared here, since there can be large differences in price here as well. Some online portals make such price comparisons on the basis of a specific object quite simple and provide a comparable offer price on equal terms of up to ten companies in the area. This creates a relatively reliable overview of what costs you actually have to expect in the end.

Cost of additional services

Additional services can be very expensive - multiple sanding operations on the screed can often lead to high costs, which can almost be attributed to screed laying itself. With additional constructions, such as thermal insulation, the cost of the material also includes the costs for the installation. Here, screeds are quickly becoming significantly more expensive, for most companies, the cost of the material for thermal insulation, for example, already within a range of 4 to 9 euros net per square meter, plus then come the installation costs. The cost of vapor barriers are generally already at a material price of 7 to 9 euros per square meter, plus installation. Here, the often as expensive disreputed mastic asphalt screed may well be worthwhile, which has both thermal insulation and moisture-resistant properties and its total cost is only 25-30 euros per square meter, but only at ground level can be introduced. A comprehensive comparison - including the different types of screed - also makes sense for a builder in advance.

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