Making a Safe - Some Creative Ideas

Building materials

Depending on how stable the safe dummy is supposed to be, you can use either wood or cardboard as the building material. In most cases, solid cardboard (such as a moving box) will be sufficient.

Some problems are usually associated with a hinge for actually opening your dummy door and a reasonably realistic representation of a lock mechanism and keypad for entering code. But there are also solutions for that.

An overall very simple solution can be found in the instructions below.

Create a dummy from cartons - step by step

2 cartons of the same size

    • 2 empty yoghurt or quark beakers
    • additional craft carton
    • metallic effect spray paint
    • maybe aluminum foil
    • glue
    • acrylic paint for plastic parts (silver and black)
    • ev. putty
    • scissors
    • cutter
    • brush for acrylic paint
    • small spatula
    • 1. construct carcass

Mark the door opening on the long side of a moving box and cut out. The edges can be smoothened for a nicer look with putty something. Allow to dry (manufacturer's instructions). The body with spray paint.

2. Cut the door

Cut a rectangle out of the second box, which is about 1 cm larger at all edges than the door opening. Bend the protruding edges backwards to create a rectangle with 4 edges bent backwards. At the corners you have to cut the edges that you bend backwards at a 45 ° angle. One of the side edges will later simply stick to the inside of the body, so that the "door" can also be moved. The other edges are only loosely inserted into the carcass. Paint the entire door with spray paint.

3. Constructing the locking mechanism

Cut a piece of the bottom out of a yoghurt or quark beaker and paint it with silver acrylic paint. This will be your locking mechanism. From the second cup also cut off a piece of the floor and paint on the underside a number field (with silver on the black painted floor) Bend the cut edges inwards and glue the two parts in the middle of your door. Then you can paste the door.

Tips & Tricks Depending on how real your dummy should look like, you can obviously do a lot more effort to make your "safe" look even more authentic. Or you can copy a real model to achieve a convincing look.

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