Building a floor tile for a garden shed

You can also place your shed on a concrete floor slab so that it is particularly safe and stable. However, you should pay a lot of attention, such as applying a frost apron, so that the bottom plate can not freeze later. Find out what you need and how to professionally create the base plate for your garden shed here.

Background information

A concrete base plate carries the structural loads of your garden house into the surrounding soil and thus ensures a high stability of the garden shed. Especially with larger garden sheds that makes perfect sense. The easiest way is to concretate a continuous floor slab - but you should also apply a frost apron here.

The frost apron and its function

The frost apron is a strip running around the bottom plate, which extends into the frost-free layer of the soil at a depth of approx. 80 cm. It is necessary because otherwise under certain circumstances freezing soil moisture at the edges of the bottom plate could lead to a freezing and thus to the lifting of the bottom plate on one side.

Step-by-step instructions for a continuous floor slab

  • Gravel
  • Concrete
  • PE foil
  • Shuttering material
  • Reinforcing baskets
  • Material for batter board, additional wooden pegs
  • Concrete rammer or electric vibrator for compaction
  • Vibratory plate
  • Spade or shovel
  • Material for formwork fastening

1. Make the excavation and dig the frost apron

Mark your foundation area with the help of mason's string and wooden pegs. Now lift the soil about 30 cm deep in the marked area. Then dig the edges of your foundation area to a depth of 80 cm. This frost apron should be about 30 cm wide.

2. Apply a clean layer

Pour a layer of gravel and compact it with the vibrating plate. The trenches for the frost apron can be left out, here you only put in the reinforcement cages. On the gravel layer of the foundation overlapping PE film is now placed.

3. Formwork and foundation casting

Now erect a formwork that corresponds to the height of your floor slab. The frost apron should be included.

After fixing the formwork, the bottom plate together with the frost apron can now be cast in one piece. Thereafter, the concrete must be compacted again and pulled off smoothly.

Tips & TricksIf you use and heat your garden shed in winter, you should insulate the floor slab accordingly against heat loss. How to do that you can read here.
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