Creative decoration for the coffee table

The art of appealing decoration on a coffee table is the balance of ideas between beauty and functionality. What use is the most elaborate arrangement if it is always in the way of use. Apart from this factor, the decoration is ideally matched to the environment including seating and seasonal moods.

Integrate into the overall appearance

The coffee table is an eye-catcher as a living room table. Usually placed in the middle of the seating, everyone present looks over or over the table surface. Targeted decoration can therefore play a decisive role in the perception of the entire living environment.

One guideline is the visual appearance of the table itself. If he has style-defining and deliberately eye-catching design, the decoration should be chosen accordingly. Other pragmatic constraints may arise when the table is movable, for example, by rolling. Decorations need a firm footing so that they do not fall over and possibly damage or destroy the tabletop.


A classic accessory for a coffee table are light sources. Candles, lanterns or small lights create a kind of cosiness center, which takes up the archaic coziness of a campfire. If the design of the table permits, fairy lights or ribbons can be used to decorate creative and exciting indirect lighting.


A coffee table can be designed with a fully covering tablecloth as well as table runners and doilies. For scratch-sensitive surface textures, the fabric also serves as protection.


Pot plants with a firm base or low vases with flowers are possible. Here, the almost inevitable "jostling" of the table should be considered when getting up and sitting down. Drying arrangements are less sensitive.


As seating in the sitting room in the living room often requires longer periods of sitting, pretty bowls or baskets with sweets are a practical and beautiful decoration. Washed fruit, snacks and sweets should be placed in the mouth. If remnants such as cores accumulate, helps a small companion container.

Reading material

Books and magazines like to find their place on a coffee table. Decorative and current titles should be on the table. Reading and TV program are under the tabletop at hand and not disturbing housed.

Tips & TricksAll ideas for decoration articles and home accessories such as installation picture frames or all objects with an unattractive back, which are only designed for one viewing page, are less suitable for your coffee table. Someone then always sits on the "wrong" side of the table and gets the "supplier sight" delivered.
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