Roofer journeyman examination - what is being tested?

Not only for the prospective roofers themselves, it is interesting to see what topics and questions can normally occur in a journeyman test for roofers. Therefore we show here a small overview of the topics.

Testing for the roofer

First, the trainee in the roofing trade must decide whether he wants to work in the thatched roofing sector or in the roofing, wall and sealing technology sector.

Only when he has decided between these two specializations, the theoretical part of the exam comes to the table. However, of course, the practical test depends on this preselection.

Intermediate examination first hurdle

The intermediate examination, which takes place at the end of the second year of training, is the first hurdle on the way to the journeyman's examination. It also shows the apprentice how such a test runs and is, so to speak, a small rehearsal for the big test.

journeyman's examination theoretical questions

The theory revolves around the journeyman's examination among other things around thermal insulation, outer wall coverings and roof coverings. Other topics that can be queried are shown here.

  • Calculation of rafters
  • Knowledge of individual roofing
  • Loft conversion
  • Waterproofing
  • Roof window installation

Journeyman's examination Practical part

Basically, in the practical subject examination exactly the same topics can be worked out as in the theoretical exam also. This may include the installation of snow guards and the construction of a flat roof.

Tips & TricksThe range of topics in the craft of the roofer is enormously wide-ranging. You should prepare as thoroughly as possible before the exam. Of course you can not really grasp every subject in its full depth. Therefore, one has to find out which topics are particularly important.

It also helps to speak with other former apprentices from the same guild. They can give you more valuable tips on what to expect during the exam.

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