Design garden furniture yourself - creative ideas for your garden

Designing your own garden furniture yourself can be a creative idea for your own garden. Instead of off-the-shelf furniture, DIY. Which materials you can use for it, and which creative design ideas there are, see our article.

Garden furniture made of wood

Wood will be the building material of choice for many home builders when it comes to home-made garden furniture. However, it is important to select the right type of wood and the right wood treatment. Die Pallet construction has become particularly popular in recent years. More about garden furniture made of wood you will find in this article.

Garden furniture made from other materials

In addition to wood, there are many other possible building materials:

Concrete blocks

  • Car tires
  • Concrete
  • Gabions
  • Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks are a very easy-to-use building material that opens up many possibilities. You can use concrete blocks to easily build the base for benches and tables by stacking them on top of each other.

You can then easily design table tops and seats with wood. The big advantage of concrete blocks lies in their robustness - such garden furniture will last for many decades.

The big disadvantage is the high weight: You can only put the garden furniture in a fixed place, moving is rather difficult. But if you can live with it and only want a fixed seating area anyway, concrete blocks are a good solution.

You can also stack the hollow concrete blocks inside so that you can simply put wooden planks through the openings for a bench. This looks even more decorative than a wood overlay.

Car tires

Old car tires can be embellished with varnish and stacked on top of each other. So you make the feet for a table or very simple seating. Again, it is worthwhile to cover with appropriately sawn wood, possibly also a glass plate for the table.


Concrete furniture can be done by yourself. In recent years, these pieces of furniture have become more and more popular in the interior as well, but they have their true purpose for outdoor use.

Everything about the production of concrete furniture and some creative ideas can be found in our special article.


Gabion elements can also be converted into benches, tables and chairs. For this they only need to be covered with wooden boards. Gab The gabion filling can also consist of visually interesting materials (such as glass beads or bottle bottoms) and be provided with lighting. Let your imagination run wild here.

Tips & TricksOnly the combination of different materials can be visually very attractive - such as wood and natural stone. Many materials, such as granite or other stones, are difficult to work on themselves. They usually have to be made in the right size.

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