The 5 rules to the dream weight

Mascha Grote, who works as a weight loss coach for the innovative video coaching portal, knows exactly how we can feed ourselves. Because a good diet is the prerequisite for successful weight loss.

Really lose weight, but how? You can find our 10 most valuable tips for healthy weight loss here.

Confusing offer

We are showered daily with offers of supposedly healthy food. But which of these is really healthy and of which foods should we keep our hands off despite the positive advertising messages?

Naturalness wins

No matter which food we choose: It is important to avoid artificial ingredients. Although flavor enhancers, ready meals and Co. are often convenient to cook, they do not help us lose weight. Rather, they cause us to gain weight. Natural and fresh foods give our body exactly what it needs. Especially when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables, we can not go wrong.

Regularity when eating

In our fast-moving times, we often forget to consciously eat. The meals are eaten in front of the TV or PC, or we just buy something on the hand. A basic rule while eating should be: 3 regular meals a day. Our body does not need more. If we are hungry in between, there are a variety of small healthy snacks that we can easily eat. Natural yogurt or fresh fruit for example. This will satisfy our hunger without burdening our hips.

External help

How exactly we eat properly to lose weight, many counselors tell us on the net. Especially attractive is the guide page Motivado, which deals with interactive videos exactly the topics that make us successful.

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