Do you really need to ventilate bed linen?

You may have seen your whole bedding hanging out on your neighbor's balcony in the morning. Every morning, some people hang their bedding outside for a good airing. Whether this is useful or necessary, you will find out below. Raus Linen hanging out

You can sweat out up to two liters of water at night. Your bedding absorbs sweat and other liquids. Even if she does not seem to get up early, she has so much fluid in her. If you are disgusted by this, you can hang your bedding out to dry. This of course has the advantage that the moisture can escape better.

Is airing absolutely necessary? Feuchtigkeit Although moisture escapes when it is ventilated, bacteria and germs still stay in the air. Therefore, it is much more important to wash bed linen regularly. And even if you do not hang your bedding, moisture will evaporate throughout the day unless you put plastic sheets over your bed.

Improved airing

A good, easy alternative to hanging out laundry is to push back the blanket after getting up and let the bedding air out a little before you make the bed. This is especially useful if you have a box spring bed or a waterbed that does not have ventilation from below. But even with a slatted frame it helps of course.

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