Double Pole Fence on a Wall

The Double Pole Fence is being used more and more frequently by DIY enthusiasts due to its many advantages. There are several mounting options for the posts. One of these is fixing a double-bar mat fence on a wall. Below we describe how to proceed.

The Many Benefits of Double Pole Fence

The Double Pole Fence offers many advantages over other wire fences such as the Chainlink Fence. The double pole mesh fence is more stable, longer lasting, the double pole fence is better for planting, and it is also easy to set up.

The installation of the double-rod mesh fence

When assembling, it is important that the fence posts are set up stably. You can fasten the fence posts for the double-pole mesh fence in different ways:

  • directly cast in the fence post
  • cast in an anchor shoe into which the fence post is inserted
  • attach with angle fittings to walls and facades
  • attach to walls, concrete floors and foundations

Learn more about setting in concrete We have summarized the fence posts of the double-rod matting fence here. We explain both options in detail here.

Two different mounting options on walls

In principle, you proceed in a similar way when mounting the double-rod mesh fence on a wall. Either it is a wall approach, so a slightly elevated foundation, or the fence mats must be attached to stone masonry posts. We show both options below.

Fastening Double Fence Mats to Stone Masonry Posts

In principle, proceed as you would on any wall or facade. In the masonry depending on the desired post height in the upper and lower area angle stops are attached. These must be aligned using an auxiliary batten beforehand so that the later fence post stands in the water. Then the holes are drilled and the angle profiles fastened. Then the fence post can be screwed on.

Fastening on a small wall or a raised foundation

There are so-called metal or post shoes. For carports or patio roofs these are often used. These are available in two versions: as anchor for setting in concrete and with a plate that is drilled at the corners. This plate is simply screwed onto the wall projection.

To align the post, simply place it between the plate of the post shoe and the masonry surface according to washers. Make sure that you only buy high-quality post shoes, otherwise you will soon have to renew them because of strong corrosion. Of course, the post shoe must be so large that the fence post can be pushed in exactly and then bolted from the outside.

Tips & TricksFor the actual assembly of the double-rod mesh fence, we provide a detailed guide.
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