Drawer under the worktop - 3 solutions

You can never have enough drawers. Especially in the kitchen every drawer is important to stow all the small utensils that should be kept as close as possible to hand. It makes sense to provide the unused space under a worktop with a drawer. This is also possible later with special rails.

Kitchen Builders or Do-It-Yourselfers

Some kitchen suppliers have already tackled the problem and offer good and high-quality drawer rail systems under the worktop. Unfortunately, these rails are not yet available in every hardware store and some are also not individually customizable.

As a DIY enthusiast, the problem can be easily solved, if not so elegant. In this case, use simple shelf angles to attach two boards at the distance of the drawer width below the worktop. Between these boards then quite conventional drawer rails are attached. This way, you can install every large drawer firmly and securely.

Different solutions

If you may not find what you are looking for in the normal kitchen, you can handle the catering needs. Here are additional drawers under the worktops commonplace. Therefore quite strong rail systems have been developed in this area.

Also for the workshop there are similar drawer systems. Here is a complete set of drawer and cover sold together. The cover plate holds the top edge of the drawer and serves as a rail system. The plate can be screwed in several places with the worktop. As a result, such a drawer also holds quite heavy things, such as cutlery or the complete knife collection. Finally, this drawer system was designed to store even heavy tools.

  • Drawer rails overhead installation
  • Side panels with shelf angles
  • Catering supplies / Workshop requirements
Tips & Tricks Before installing a drawer under the worktop, be sure to estimate the subsequent weight of the contents. If the whole collection of cutlery is housed in it, quite a bit of weight comes together. If the drawer is then secured to the worktop with only a few small screws from underneath, the screws will certainly tear out soon. Finally, the screws can not be too long, so they do not stick out of the top of the worktop.
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