Electricity heating: What are the running costs?

The most commonly used power heating is the night storage heater. Many models of this type of heating are already several decades old, only a few homeowners can install a new heating system. Which running costs can be expected with a power heating?

Costs for low-tariff electricity heating

Night storage heaters, as the name implies, are charged at night to provide heat during the day. Households with such a power heating have a Zweitarifzähler: During the day is the normal high tariff, at night the cheaper low tariff.

Not all electricity providers in Germany offer the low tariff, moreover, this is nowhere near as low as in earlier times. Heating with electricity has become expensive - it has never been environmentally friendly, the energy loss is great.

Ongoing costs for power heating am A newly insulated old building still has its old power heating, which works in the night storage system. 100 square meters of living space must be heated with electricity, the annual consumption is about 110 kWh per square meter of heated living space.

The low electricity tariff of the supplier selected by the homeowner is 19 cents per kWh. The consumer must expect that the price of electricity will rise gradually.

Costs Overview

PriceElectricity Costs
100 x 110 x 0.19 EUR 2.090 EURMaintenance Costs
not availableChimney Sweep Costs
not availableTotal
Monthly 174 EUR DiscountHow can you save costs with a power heating system?

The monthly discount for the energy costs of electricity heating is relatively high, but there are a few ways to save money. For example, an automatic charge control ensures that the heater only stores as much heat as it actually consumes.

Never connect the ventilation grille to your electric heater, as with clogged ventilation, the heater will be ineffective and cause higher costs. Clean the air duct regularly. Nicht Do not turn the fan on and off too often to ensure smooth, efficient operation of the heater - and follow the well-known ventilation rules for your living space.

Tips & TricksUse the electricity tariff comparison on the Internet to find the low-cost low power supplier. A well-known comparison portal can be found on the website verivox.de.

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