Fitness at home and on the go

Effective weight loss works when diet and exercise interact. Sport does not always have to be expensive, boring or time-consuming. hörsport offers professional fitness in audio format.

Get started with auditory

We have discovered it: An uncomplicated training that is a lot of fun. The company hörsport offers you an audio program with which you can train everywhere. The training sessions are adapted to your individual wishes and build on each other. You are in constant contact with your hearing care trainer and provide information about your current training status. In this way, the training can always be optimally adapted to you and your performance.

Individual training through feedback

Before your first workout you will do a fitness check. Here you determine your training goal: Would you like to do something about your problem areas? Is muscle building important to you ?, Are you interested in a holistic body shaping ?, or are you interested in strengthening the upper or lower body? hörsport is very individual on you and your fitness and puts everything together according to your wishes.

That way, exercise never gets boring

Variety is guaranteed with the training programs of hörsport. You can decide for yourself how long you want to exercise. You will also be surprised by more and more exercises. With a podcast you can download your training session and off you go. The voice of your trainer gives you tips for the correct execution of your exercises and he motivates you. That's how sport is really fun!

Training with Hörsport is:

  • individual: Your training will be arranged according to your wishes and goals and taking into account your fitness.
  • Suitable for everyday use: You train when and where you want.
  • Training Flatrate: Train as often as you like and download endless training sessions.
  • sure: Your training is professional and protects the body and joints.
  • straightforward: the program is easy to use. The exercises are explained very understandable. You do not need any previous knowledge.
  • effective: The selection of exercises guarantees optimal training success.
  • varied: With more and more exercises it never gets boring. In addition, the difficulty level increases after the time.
  • healthy: The training is good for your figure and helps you to feel well and fit.
  • motivating: You will be reminded of your training. In addition, the voice of the coach is very motivating. He counts with and fires at you.
  • fair: The training programs are cheaper than a gym membership and much cheaper than a real personal trainer.
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