Fastening the glass plate to wood

Glass is an important material that opens up numerous application possibilities, which are aimed above all at an appealing design. Therefore, an obvious question is fixing a glass plate on wood. How to fix a glass plate on wood, we have put together for you afterwards.

Different fastening techniques for glass plate on wood

Glass has always had a particularly outstanding significance in the living space; not just as window glass or in doors. In recent years, for example, the classic tile mirror in the kitchen is replaced more and more often by a glass plate. With this technique of attaching a glass plate to the wall, we already have the first option of attaching a glass plate to wood. But you have even more options:

  • Glue glass plate fix Fix glass plate (in frame)
  • Fix glass plate (with suction cups)
  • Screw glass plate
  • Fixing options depending on the intended use

Of course, the possibilities mentioned for attaching a glass plate depend on how it is manufactured Component is used later. Often a glass plate should serve as a surface for a wooden table. Here again you have different procedures, which ultimately also depend on the desired condition of the glass.

To attach a transparent or opaque glass plate to wood

In this case, a distinction must first be made here between transparent, ie transparent, and not transparent, ie opaque, glass. To attach opaque glass plates, you can use glass adhesives that can be applied to wood as well as silicone.

The insert may even work with silicone or transparent adhesive with transparent glass. However, depending on the angle of the top view and the incidence of light, something of the adhesive will always be visible. Better this technique is suitable if the glass is opaque or at least the bottom is matt or satin.

Fixing the glass plate on wood

Otherwise, it is also possible to fix it with suction cups or an enclosing frame as a table top. Matching suction cups are available as a craft accessory. The frame, which should fix the glass plate on the wood, should have the same height as the glass plate.

The frame can be built flush around the glass panel so that it is really "pinched". In any case, however, the wood trim edge should be flush. Maybe it makes more sense, then, if there is some distance (one, two millimeters) to the frame, which are then filled with clear silicone. This will seal the underlying wood immediately.

Screws as fastening technique for the glass plate on wood

Another way to fix a glass plate on wood is to screw. For this, however, the glass must have corresponding screw holes. These will have to be made by a specialized company or - depending on the type of glass - must be taken into account during production. The disadvantage here is that the glass is quasi clamped and so voltages are possible. If an object is pushed a little harder against the glass plate, which is under tension, it can apparently burst groundlessly.

Tips & Tricks On walls, metal rails are also suitable for fixing glass plates, which are screwed onto the wood. Depending on the size and the project, you may also be able to use mirror holders. If you want to glue the glass plate with silicone [/ link, you will find further information here.

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