Fastening wooden posts to concrete

Many older terraces have a concrete slab that is still very good and therefore should not be demolished. Then the ideal way to build a terrace roofing or conservatory is to fix it on the concrete slab. There are various brackets in the hardware store, which we present here in the overview.

Various Holders for Wooden Posts

Over the years, manufacturers have developed very different post supports, post anchors and sleeves that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here is an overview:

  • Post carrier L-shape with concrete anchors corrugated steel
  • Post carrier U-shape with concrete anchor corrugated steel
  • Post carrier U-shape with concrete anchor corrugated steel with adjustment
  • Post strap for screwing
  • Screw-on sleeve different sizes
  • U-post support to screw on

post support with concrete anchor

Die Mail carriers, which are used with a concrete anchor in the concrete surface, are only connected at one point to the concrete. A correspondingly large and deep hole must be drilled into the concrete, which must be refilled with a quick-setting concrete. These carriers are better suited in a fresh concrete surface, since they can be directly embedded in concrete.

Screw-on sleeve

The screw-on sleeve encloses the post from all four sides. The sleeve has a wide bottom edge which is bolted to the concrete floor. Especially in stainless steel, this solution is probably the most beautiful variant, if the sleeve remains visible later. However, the sleeve must always match exactly to the strength of the post, as adjustments affect the stability.

Material and surface

Depending on the application, the various holders are usually available in hot-dip galvanized version or as a stainless steel holder. If you want to build a high-quality canopy or a conservatory on the wooden post, you should prefer to grab the respective holder made of stainless steel. Especially if the post carrier or the screw-on sleeve remain visible, you should give preference to stainless steel.

Tips & TricksThe bottom line is that you can best drive with an existing concrete surface with a screw-on sleeve or a post flap. Both variants are very stable and can be easily connected to the concrete with dowels and bolts. You should only use a post girder that is inserted into the concrete if the concrete is still wet. Then the carrier can be very easily embedded in the concrete.
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