Fully biological wastewater treatment plant - what are the prices and costs?

In small sewage treatment plants, of course, the running costs in the operation and the prices for the construction are important. Here is an overview.

Prices for the construction

Biological wastewater treatment can be carried out using very different methods. Accordingly, the prices are also different. The operating costs also differ considerably from plant type to plant type.

What continues to play an important role is the dimensioning of the small sewage treatment plant. Between 4 and 50 population equivalents one speaks of a small sewage treatment plant. A plant for 4 population equivalents (usual minimum size) is of course much cheaper than a plant for 30 population equivalents.

What is also decisive for the costs is the respective cleaning class. Systems with a higher cleaning class are significantly more expensive than the standard cleaning classes.

Indicative prices Construction

For the most widely sold SBR systems, the prices for a complete system for 4 PE usually start at around 3,500 EUR. Higher population classes and larger dimensions can then cost up to 15,000 or 20,000 EUR.

Constructed wetlands are a comparatively cheap alternative. You can also create it yourself. In many cases there are self-assembly sets, which are around 1,000 EUR and already include a mechanical pre-cleaning.
For a sewage pond, the construction costs are even lower. In many cases, however, the process quality no longer corresponds to the required cleaning class. That should be the essential criterion for deciding on a particular type of plant.

Operating costs

Electricity costs

  • Disposal costs for sludge
  • Maintenance costs
  • Costs for testing
  • Electricity costs

In the case of small mechanical sewage treatment plants such as the SBR plant, electricity is required for the pumps and for ventilation. The electricity costs depend on the plant size and the plant model. But there is a possibility to operate these plants completely without electricity.

In a sewage treatment plant, this effort is much lower, with a corresponding slope, the system can even be operated without electricity, as well as sewage ponds.

Sludge disposal costs

Sewage sludge must be disposed of regularly to ensure safe operation. The cost of sludge disposal depends on the container size and is around 200 EUR per draining.

Maintenance costs

Plant water treatment plants and sewage ponds are virtually maintenance-free. For SBR systems, the costs are based on the respective model and manufacturer and the underlying maintenance contract.

Costs for testing

Depending on the regulations of the authority, different tests may be carried out or carried out at different intervals. Scope of the costs and the examinations depend on the individual case.

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